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Anime Adventures in Mobile: A Recap of Anime Con 2024’s Otaku Extravaganza!

Drew Breedlove of Attack on Titan
Hey anime lovers! Let’s dive into the awesome sauce that was Anime Con 2024 in Mobile, AL. This wasn’t just any con; it was a two-day anime extravaganza that turned Gamers N Geeks into our very own otaku paradise.
Here’s the lowdown on Anime Con 2024: It all went down on June 15th and 16th at our beloved local hotspot, Gamers N Geeks. The place was buzzing with all things anime, and let me tell you, the energy was electric!

Star-Studded Lineup

We had the big guns of the anime world grace us with their presence. Alex Hom, the voice behind some of our favorite characters from “Attack on Titan” to “Chainsaw Man,” was in the house. And guess what? Drew Breedlove, the talent from “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury,” was right there with him. Fans got up close and personal with autographs and epic selfie sessions.

Alex Hom of Attack on Titan

Cosplay Craze

Cosplay was the heart and soul of the con. Attendees rocked their best looks, and the craftsmanship? Mind-blowing! We had a kiddo contest on Saturday and an all-ages showdown on Sunday. The creativity on display? It was like walking through an anime multiverse!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

The convention hall was a treasure trove of anime merch, art, and all the collectibles your heart could desire. And when hunger struck? Food trucks to the rescue with eats that kept our anime-watching stamina going strong.
Anime Con 2024 was all about community vibes. It was a place to share your passion, whether you were hosting a panel, strutting your stuff as a cosplay guest, or getting your game on. It was all about jumping in and making the con your own.
This con was a love letter to anime culture. With a lineup that had us buzzing, special guests that made us fanboy and fangirl, and a community spirit that was off the charts, Anime Con 2024 was an unforgettable ride. And you bet, we’re already counting down the days to the next one.
Missed out or just want to keep the hype alive? Hit up the official Gamers N Geeks website for all the deets and future fun. Stay animated, folks!

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